Concentration and diafiltration of cell-derived, live influenza virus using 750 C hollow fiber filter cartridge

This application note describes the performance of GE Healthcare Life Sciences 750 C hollow fiber filter cartridge in concentration and diafiltration (buffer exchange) of cell culture-derived, live influenza virus. The 750 C cross flow filter is designed for cross flow filtration (concentration, impurity removal, and buffer exchange) of influenza virus and other entities of similar size. In this study, the influenza harvest was clarified using a normal flow filtration step, and then concentrated and diafiltered using the 750 C filter cartridge. Comparative experiments were performed with 500 C hollow fiber filter cartridge to evaluate differences in impurity removal capacity and flow characteristics. Intermediate and final fractions were analyzed for purity and yield of the target product. The well-defined molecular weight cut-off of the filter membrane allows separation of virus from impurities. Feed concentration and buffer exchange can be performed sequentially using the same equipment. The results show that both 500 C and 750 C hollow fiber filters enable achieving high virus yields (> 80%) and similar host cell protein (HCP) removal. However, the more open structure of the 750 C filter membrane resulted in a 1.5 to 2 order of magnitude higher removal of host cell DNA (hcDNA) compared with the 500 C filter.

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Fluid management assemblies
Single-use filtration
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Cross flow filtration - Ultrafiltration / Diafiltration
Media Operations
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Application notes
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